Friday, March 30, 2012

Lessons in Domesticity

Talking with my friends recently, I looked down to see a gaping hole from snagging on a rose bush just below the knee of my favorite pants. My domestic qualities are far from accomplished, but hey, they are my favorite pants, so they had to be fixed. My last experience with a sewing machine, about five years ago, ended with me jabbing and breaking off the sewing needle inside of my finger. So I was a little nervous about the undertaking.
My first lesson was: guide! don't pull!
Guide! Don't pull! Apparently if if you pull, the stitches are too far apart. If you don't guide, it just sews the same spot over and over again. So guide! Don't pull!
Next comes the application of the iron-on, decorative patch.
Iron on the patch. Then sew around the edges because iron-on patches do not actually iron on.
After some fingertip pain, I learned the thimbles are not just for looks. . .
Finished product! And no finger injuries! Let the domesticity begin . . .

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