Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stormy Weather

If you are a lover of storms, please stop reading now because I don't want to hear some well meaning but misdirected comment about how storms are so neat and people should love getting rained on and all that. I am a desert lover. It speaks to me. I love being able to look far and vast. I love how the desert is so quiet that silence makes a sound, and when you hold still for a long time, you see it come to life around you. I love sand and warmth and cute lizardy things. Those are things that I love.

These are things that I don't love: I don't love walking on a cold night, rain plummeting down and starting to seep through my supposedly water resistant clothing. I do not like things clinging to me. Wet clothes cling. This is bad. If I wanted to dress in cling wrap, I would do so. And speaking of clothes, I don't like having to put on a zillion layers of clothes just to take a simple walk.

I also don't like coming home and having my recently skunked dog waft his residual smell around because his fur is wet. Nor do I like cleaning the kitchen floor every single day of my life because there are fresh, muddy paw prints across it.

I don't like how dampness makes things stick to me. Suddenly I am a magnet for dog fur, for clothing lint, for my own loose hairs, for bits of moss or mud or some sodden leaf that I happened to come in contact with. And wet feet. Not a fan of that either.

Yes, I know the northwest is green and beautiful and lush and blah blah blah. And yes, I know this is all because of rain. I also know that I have lived here long enough to earn the right to complain. So there.


  1. very you. just thinking about how you love the part, heading back to Walla Walla from Portland, when all the greenery stops and everything is vast and brown!