Thursday, April 11, 2013

Embracing the Unexpected

The unexpected. It is a concept I have been pondering lately, and one illustrated well by a group of marsh-dwelling frogs. On my walks at dusk, I pass what would seem to be a large group of frogs, croaking merrily away amidst the grasses of a horse pasture. At first listen, one would think the group consists of hundreds of frogs.

Wanting to witness first-hand the conglomeration of amphibians, I tiptoed stealthily their way the other night. Pointing my flashlight toward the croakers, I expected to see many little eyes and nose holes peeking up through the grasses. Alas, I saw none. No movement, no eyes, no bulging throat skin. I stepped closer, shone my flashlight right where the sound was coming from. Once again, nothing.

One step closer and all croaking ceased completely. There was no movement. No frogs ducked under the shallow water. Still I could see nothing. What appeared to be plain was in fact hidden. Unexpected.

This morning, I expected my day to go a certain way, but I can tell you that everything that transpired, including the gorilla-suit wearing woman mooning a couple of police officers (no joke!), was unexpected. My response? Great day! I can't wait for what happens next!