Friday, March 23, 2012

Nature Fridays

I would like to instate Nature Fridays in my life. Having a spastic work schedule over which I have no control will make this nearly impossible, but I like the idea nonetheless. There is something about Friday in particular, the day prior to the day of rest. You can almost feel the earth getting ready to take a breather. Not so on Wednesday or Monday or some other such day when it seems to be status quo as usual.

So anyway, on this particular Nature Friday, Lewis and I came across some kind of woodchuck. Taking a left into the forest instead of our customary right, we found ourselves down in a canyon unfortunately littered in junk. However, amid all the trash, there sat a little brown guy, the tips of his long fur glistening with gold in the sun just starting to come out from behind the clouds. He was so laid back I just wanted to pet his apparently soft fur. Lewis felt that the critter was so laid back, he just wanted to leisurely eat him. Needless to say, I think either pursuit would result in puncture wounds of the rodent-tooth variety.

Getting back to the story, Lewis chased the little guy, and he (the woodchuck, not Lewis) disappeared into an old tire. Tying Lewis to a concrete thing near by, I returned to the tire and was able to lift the woodchuck's hiding place up and snap a pretty close photo of him.
Awww, isn't he cute? And he didn't even seem scared really, just more shy.
Here is Lewis looking over his domain. As you can see, Nature Fridays are full of discovery and great views. If you have the time and lack of a spastic work schedule, I recommend you try them for yourself.

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