Friday, March 16, 2012

cuisses de grenouilles

Walking down the street the other night, I came upon a frog who had unfortunately been flattened by a passing vehicle. While its body was not very intact, its back legs were. They were completely straightened and rather muscular looking. This reminded me of a muppet movie I watched many years back as a kid where the french chef was always chasing after Kermit because he wanted to eat Kermit's frog legs. 

At the time, I thought this quite odd. Perhaps stuck in a literal brain stage of life, I could not fathom why the french chef would want to eat Kermit's legs. Kermit's legs are not muscular. They do not look succulent. They are stick straight and rather fuzzy looking. I would imagine that eating Kermit's legs would be rather like frying up a fresh batch of those oblong cotton things they stick in your mouth at the dentist office. 

This is Kermit. His legs do not look yummy. 
This is dental cotton. Need I say more.

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