Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Song of the Frog

Following a particularly hectic work day, I was frantically walking Lewis in an attempt to "get things done" when I walked by a house that had singing frogs in the backyard. Singing frogs help time to slow down a bit and put things into perspective. For instance, I was walking on a rainless, relatively mild night. The air was fresh, and the night was rather still. The frogs were singing merrily, and it made me think of lazy summer nights when the sun sets late and you can rock the minutes away on your front porch, talking with a good friend or just watching life go by.

When I was riding horses many years ago, we had a frog in the wash stall that lived under the water control handle. I made a sign there indicating that the frog should not be harmed or overly disturbed. Sometimes the frog would sing, reminding us of its presence. The frog always reminded us to slow down a little and think of something other than the immediate tasks we felt we needed to accomplish.

The next time I hear frogs singing, I am going to stop and take note of the other things I was likely missing. The gentle breeze or the smell of spring flowers. I will stop and let the frogs remind me of what is important.

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