Sunday, January 8, 2012

Waiting for a Hero

I was told awhile back that it is desirable for a woman to have scar-free legs. This may be obvious to most people, but I sure wish I had been privy to this tidbit of information in my formidable years when I started shaving my legs. Unarmed with the scar-free information, I delved into the world of feminine beauty armed with a single blade Bic razor and water from the shower. Over the course of many years, I had dehided myself numerous times. Little strips of skin would hang off the razor like uncooked bacon slices as my shins, my knees, my ankles, would bleed freely. Any hope I had of the scar-free, desirable looking legs, is a thing of the past.
Lest anyone despair, there is a hero in this story. Somewhere in the mid to late nineties, Gillette came out with the Mach 3. This of course was a razor for men, but I purchased one in hopes that their claims of a smooth shave for men would translate to my poor legs as well. My eyes were opened. I was now free to shave with abandon as the Mach 3's triple blade, springy action and moisturizing strip slid happily over my skin, not through it. Finally, my skin peeling days were over. . . . Until last week. When I left my beloved Gillette at some friends' house. In their agony, my legs wait for their triple bladed hero to return.

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  1. and I thank you for sharing that shaving secret as it has been a blessing for my legs as well!