Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playing Possum

Despite Lewis's diminutive stature, he does believe he is a great hunter. Armed with visions of conquering the wildlife infused jungle that is our small town, he happened upon a possum in the backyard. No, I did not witness the actual encounter, but after seeing the possum and seeing Lewis, I would envision it happening as follows: Possum, walking around backyard, suddenly encounters 11 inch tall intruder. Possum plays dead. Intruder sticks nose deep in possum's fur and all around area possum is laying.
Side note here. It must be known that Lewis has an abnormally poor sense of smell for a dog, especially for a corgi. My mind drifts to me chasing my previous corgi a mile down the beach as he took off after the smell of a bread crumb. Lewis on the other hand, literally jams his nose into things. It also must be known that possums, when playing dead, secrete a foul smelling fluid from their anal glands. (Yes, I said anal glands).
So I come onto the scene, and here's Lewis:

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