Friday, January 13, 2012

Corgi Cuisine

Over the course of my life, my family has always had a dog or two. When I was a kid, we lived in the country and had dogs that just kind of came and went as they pleased. Then we moved to the suburbs, and our dog at the time decided that she belonged to my mom and my mom alone, so I essentially ignored her. Maybe it was just because I wasn't paying attention, or maybe our family dogs actually were more fastidious. Whatever the case then, I have noticed something since I have had my own dogs. Corgis eat disgusting things. Not only do Corgis eat disgusting things that they happen across, but they go out of their way to seek out disgusting things to eat. Among Lewis's favorite disgusting cuisine options are the poopsicle and kitty rocha. The poopsicle, as you can imagine, occurs during the winter months. A cat will leave some deposit in the previously soft earth, and it will freeze in the winter, only to be unearthed by a Corgi looking for disgusting things. Fortunately for me, the poopsicle is, well, frozen, so the aforementioned Corgi can not swallow it quickly and will have to drop it. This is another trick of the Corgi trade: look like you are not interested in anything, quickly grab the disgusting thing in your mouth, and as your owner is hysterically trying to get you to drop it, swallow it as fast as you can. Unlike the poopsicle, kitty rocha can be swallowed with lightening speed. A treat found in dirt, sand, gravel, or a litter box; soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, kitty rocha can be quickly consumed on the fly. No need to spit it out! Hopefully taller, more sophisticated dogs are not prone to these habits. Surely their owners can walk them in peace, knowing their mouths are a safe distance from the ground and the offending cuisine options. May they rest peacefully at night, knowing their faces will not be licked by a canine who has recently partaken in Corgi cuisine.