Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm a late adopter. You know, one of those people who sits around for years while new technology comes out, waiting for everyone else to buy it and use it and hate it or love it so I can finally make a decision. That being said, I finally got an iphone the other day. AT&T was selling the 3G version for 99 cents. That seemed like a reasonable enough price, so I went ahead and purchased the thing. And I must say, I am really impressed. Gone are the days when I have to boot up my laptop, put in the password, wait forever while it acquires this and downloads that and thinks endlessly about what it wants to do, all so I can just check my email. Now it's just "slide to unlock", tap the email button, and done.
I do have to say with the iphone however, similar to how I was with my first Nintendo and Super Mario 1, the thing draws me, it pulls me, it wants me to tap, tap away at it's touchscreen. It wants me to download more apps. I swore to myself I would NOT download Angry Birds. I failed. I was playing Solitaire in bed this morning for heaven's sake. I now text. A lot. I am lost in an iphone induced stupor that I can only hope to resurface from soon.