Friday, April 20, 2012

Sage Wisdom

I'm sure that parents must get some sort of smug satisfaction when their offspring finally give in and follow a long harped on piece of advice. So this is for my mom. Fortunately for me, she never uses a computer, so no smug satisfaction for her!

The tidbit of advice in question would be my mom's constant adage: wear gloves! I am not a glove wearer. Gloves are designed to create a barrier between you and the object of interest. I'm kind of a tactile person, so if I am digging around in the dirt or otherwise working with my hands, the gloves really take much away from the entire experience.

This of course means that my hands are tattered with scars, scratches, hangnails, bruises, dirty fingernails, and the like, but I figure that just comes with the territory. I do have to admit however, that I have encountered one thing that has made me into a glove wearing believer. Allow me to introduce you to him:
This is a grub. I have never encountered a real grub before digging around in the soil of my small town. Around here, they appear to be everywhere. As you can see, he is fat, he is juicy, he has little legs that suction cup to your fingers. These are not things I am into.

So, just like that, I am now a glove wearer. Not all the time mind you, but when digging in unfamiliar soil, these hands are covered at all times. No juicy grub is going to suction his little feet to my fingers any time in the near future. So to my mom, if she ever reads this, she can happily say she told me so.


  1. Yeahhhhh I have SLUGS here ... that is worse. I wear gloves now too. haha

  2. I'd wear gloves to avoid contact with cat poo while I was digging (cause cats don't seem to mind whose garden they use for a toilet), but I'd be ok with the grub.